Glitnir HoldCo goes forward with injunction on Stundin and Reykjavik Media

noncleared-maintext”> Glitnir HoldCo is today bringing legal proceedings before the Reykjavik District Court to secure a confirmation ruling on the injunction placed on Stundin and Reykjavik Media by customers of the collapsed bank. This was confirmed by Ingólfur Hauksson, director of Glintir HoldCo speaking to this morning.  Related news: Icelandic PM sold funds just before economic crash Journalists blast gagging order on paper covering PM’s finances  No legal action taken yet against The Guardian Black cover page for gagged Icelandic newspaper  The Reykjavik District Commissioner (Sýslumaður) placed an injunction on all news coverage made by Stundin and Reykjavik Media based on documents from the collapsed bank over one week ago at the demand of Glitnir HoldCo.  The injunction concerns all private dealings of numerous ex clients of Glitnir bank, one of them being Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson who has recently come under fire for selling his shares in the bank just before Iceland’s economic crash.

No more toilet fees at Harpa Concert Hall

noncleared-maintext”>  The 300 krona toilet fees at Harpa which began in June have now been abolished.  Harpa director Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir says to that the charges were an experiment. People who were attending events at Harpa were able to use the toilets for free however.  Previously, Harpa’s PR representative Diljá Ámundadóttir had said that it was difficult to offer free public toilets in a building which had received architectural awards. 

Viking world to rise in Mosfellsdalur

noncleared-maintext”>  A new Viking world will rise in Mosfellsdalur in the vicinity of Reykjavik. The aim of the project is to give tourists and locas a chance to travel one thousand years back in time, “A time when heroes rode across the land.” . The area will feature a church, farms, animal pens and a workshop to show what life was like in Iceland in the 11th and 12th century.  Preparations for the Viking world have been underway for several years but finding a location proved complicated.

Larger earthquakes possible in South Iceland over next few days

Radiators that may move.  Broken glass.  Falling building parts. noncleared-maintext”> Seismologists in Iceland say that they cannot rule out that larger earthquakes will occur in South Iceland within the next few days, possible of the size of the mighty South Iceland quakes in 2008 measuring 6 on the Richter scale.  The Iceland Met Office says that it’s difficult to predict what will happen this week, that the swarm of earthquakes could die out or that it could cause a change in tensional stress in an unknown spot.  Over 400 earthquakes have occurred in the swarm that began last night. The largest quake measuring 4.1 was felt considerably in the town of Selfoss.  The Iceland Met Office would like to urge people living in the area hit by the earthquakes to avoid having loose objects hanging near their beds and to read up on the advice given by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management HERE.  The main rule during an earthquake is the Duck-Cover-Hold rule.   Those who are indoors when a large earthquake occurs should especially avoid:  Furniture that may move. Objects that may fall from shelves and cabinets (especially in kitchens).

Tremors in South Iceland

They do not rule out larger earthquakes occurring in the area but it’s just as likely that the swarm will just subside.  Locals reported cupboards shaking and crockery breaking. An ongoing swarm of earthquakes has continued into the morning.  The earthquake swarm started at around 4 pm last night and the second largest quake was measured at 2.9 on the Richter scale.  According to the Iceland Met Office the earthquakes are occurring on a well-known fissure area.  The Met Office will be observing developments closely over the next few days. noncleared-maintext”>  An earthquake at a magnitude of 3.4 was felt in the town of Selfoss last night.

Yesterday’s South Iceland earthquake much greater than previously thought

Tremors in South Iceland This is a considerable difference. Over 400 quakes have been detected with four of them measuring over 3 on the Richter scale.  The area is known for powerful earthquakes and earthquakes up to 6.5 have been measured there in the past.  The Iceland Met Office said that it was of a magnitude of 3.4 but now it reports that the tremor was actually of a magnitude of 4.1. noncleared-maintext”>  The earthquake that occurred last night 6 km North East of the town of Selfoss is much greater than previously reported.

Historic win for Iceland’s national women’s football team against Germany

noncleared-maintext”> It’s not just the men’s national football team in Iceland that’s making headlines. The Icelandic women’s national football team has been doing amazingly well and today they beat Germany 3:2 in Weisbaden.  The match is the second in the World Cup qualifying matches. In the first round, Iceland beat the Faroe Islands.  The German women’s national football team hasn’t lost a match in the qualifying to the World Cup since 1998.  The Icelandic team face the Czech Republic next week on Tuesday. 

Gagged Icelandic newspaper publishes a black cover page today

Chairman of the union, Hjalmar Jonsson has said that such an action taken just before a general election is crazy and that Iceland is almost a laughing stock internationally.  An injunction was placed on the newspaper last week along with Reykjavik Media for using documents from the collapsed Glitnir bank in their coverage.  The constitutional and supervisory committee of Parliament is reviewing the matter.  The journalist union of Iceland has condemned the action. noncleared-maintext”> This weeks edition of Stundin has a black cover page.

Majority of Icelanders against injunction on media covering documents from collapsed bank

noncleared-maintext”> A majority of Icelanders, or 77% are against the injunction put on Stundin and Reykjavik Media on documents from the collapsed Glitnir bank. These results are from a survey by marketing company MMR.  Only 11.4 percent of Icelanders agree with the injunction and 11.6% have no opinion for or against.  The survey showed that supporters of the Independence Party are more likely to agree with the injunction compared to other political parties.  Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson is the leader of the Independence Party. 

Half term at Icelandic schools begins today

The nature park of Heiðmörk which lies on the borders of Reykjavik still offers stunning autumn colours and is perfect for family walks.  Families therefore have an opportunity to do all kinds of fun things together on this long weekend.  Plenty of Reykjavik’s museums offer all kinds of workshops and mini-courses for kids and you can check Reykjavik Loves, the official website for Reykjavik for details.  Many families also choose to spend the long weekend in the countryside. It’s also the perfect opportunity to visit swimmng pools that you haven’t tried before, such as the great ones in the nearby towns of Hveragerði and Þorlákshöfn. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Today heralds the beginning of a short mid-term holiday for children all around Iceland which ends on Tuesday.

Elliott Moss video shot in Iceland tunnel

noncleared-maintext”> A motorcycle scene was shot last night in Hvalfjörður tunnel in West Iceland for a new video by US musician Elliot Moss.  The tunnel was closed specifically for the filmmaking and the opportunity was used to do minor repair work within.  Moss’s crew also shot scenes in Reynisfjara and Vík in South Iceland.  The motorcycle in the video is a Honda from 1975. 

Iceland’s blood bank appeals for donors in O negative blood group

noncleared-maintext”>  Iceland’s blood bank, Blóðbankinn is appealing for donors today. The blood bank in Snorrabraut, Reykjavik is open until 7 pm.  The blood bank also requires blood from people in the blood groups O plus, A minus, A plus and AB minus.    Twelve donors in the blood group O negative are needed.  So far only one person in that blood group has come forward today.

New butcher’s shop opens at Grandi harbour district

Kjötkompaníið is a butcher’s shop located formerly only in Hafnarfjörður founded in 2009.  The emphasis is on the best quality of meat available.  Christmas leg of lamb as done by Kjötkompaníið. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>  Foodies living in central Reykjavik can rejoice as yet another food related shop opens in Grandi, Reykjavik’s fishpacking district.  The latest addition is Kjötkompaníið, opening on the first weekend of November.

Video of the Icelandic horse’s five gaits becomes an internet sensation

“It’s great to witness this incredible interest in the Icelandic horse,” says project manager Þórdís Anna Gylfadóttir.  Horse trainer Þórarinn Eymundsson shows the gaits of the Icelandic horse on stallion Narfi from  Vestri-Leirárgarðar farm.  The video is shot in the horse-county of Skagafjörður in North Iceland.  noncleared-maintext”> A video portraying the unique gaits of the Icelandic horse has become a world-wide sensation with over 600 thousand viewers and 6.400 shares.  The video was produced by marketing incentive Horses of Iceland and shot by Skotta Film.

Large earthquake at Grímsey island in North Iceland

The largest earthquake was on October 5th at Grímsey measuring 3.9, an earthquake felt in Grímsey, Dalvík and Ólafsfjörður.  The second largest earthquake occurred at Bárðarbunga measuring 3.7 on October 5th.  noncleared-maintext”>  A large earthquake measuring 3.3 occurred at Grímsey island at around 6 am. Another quake was measured at around 4.30 measuring 2.9.  According to the Iceland Met Office, 520 earthquakes were detected using the SIL seismic system last week.