Iceland to have a taste of winter

Mountain roads will likely be affected so keep in mind to follow the weather forecast and driving conditions if travelling. Over the week temperatures will drop and go all the way down to minus in most parts of the country. noncleared-maintext”> After days of strangely warm weather lately with temperatures almost only seen over the summer, winter has finally decided to revisit Iceland. Snow will follow though some of the downfall might come down as rain in South Iceland.

Icelandic sailor‘s strike at an end

Icelandic fish has been hard to come by in USA and Britain, and birds that thrive on the scraps from Icelandic trawlers are getting aggressive, evidently hungry. The debate had been going on for a long time and sailors have been without a former wage contract for years. Both parties agreed upon a contract two days ago. Yesterday sailor’s voted on the contract, which was approved by 52.4%. The strike lasted for so long that Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture had hinted that a law would be set, forcing an end to the strike. noncleared-maintext”> Icelandic sailor’s strike, which has lasted for weeks, ended yesterday. There was no waiting around, most trawlers set out to sea as early as yesterday evening. As Iceland’s economy relies heavily on fisheries the matter of settling the debate was of much importance. The effect of it has not only been visible in Icelandic society.

Photos: Saturday night at the Sónar Reykjavik festival

Icelandic rap was prominent with artists such as Alvia Islandia, Kött Grá Pjé and Aron Can.  The festival, set in the stunning Harpa conert hall was held for the fourth time across four stages and was attended by thousands of international and Icelandic guests.  Dates for Sónar 2018 have been announced for March 16th and 17th.  Fatboy Slim at Silfurberg hall. Photo/ Aníta Björk Jóhannsdóttir Marie Davidson at Sonar Complex. Photo/ Aníta Björk Jóhannsdóttir aYia. Photo/ Aníta Björk Jóhannsdóttir noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The Sónar Reykjavik music festival came to a close last night with the highlights including Fatboy Slim and De La Soul.

Nordic cuisine: From culinary disaster zone to NOMA

The interaction lead to more diversity, species of vegetables and even farm animals almost extinct were brought back. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The turn of tides in Nordic gastronomy has probably not escaped the notice of anyone with eyes on the culinary scene. “There’s a tremendous development in what is being cultivated in the Scandinavian countries. “The whole identity of the modern nation in the 60’s and 70’s was to leave the old behind, for what was to remember but monuments of poverty?” To this day the majority of restaurants in Scandinavia have imported cuisine, though it’s much easier to find restaurants in Denmark that at least claim to be Nordic. However, there doesn’t seem to be any halt to Nordic Chef’s success on an international level, and most of the highest rated restaurants in the Nordic Countries are in the New Nordic style. Which is a result from this upgrade of gastronomy.” Monuments of poverty New Nordic chef’s interest in recipes and traditions that are decades and even centuries old is not favoured by all. Culinary disaster zone “There is an extraordinary movement going on in the Scandinavian countries. Iceland Monitor got a hold of him for an interview after a […]

20 gorgeous places to enjoy nature in North Iceland

It takes around 30 minutes but take care as the path can be slippery when wet. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson West Vatnsnes The western part of Vatnsnes peninsula is particularly known for the amount of seals that like to chill out on the beach. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Brynjar Gauti Here’s a list of some of the most stunning places to enjoy nature in North Iceland. It’s lovely to hike around the crater. The only town on Vatnsnes, Hvammstangi, is the home of the Icelandic seal centre, where you can go to get information about the seals. The area is known for mountains and cliffs (tröll means troll or giant) and the road of the northern part of the peninsula is high up in places, which makes for a stunning view. Photo: Iceland Monitor//Erlingur Ásbyrgi Ásbyrgi is a national park, no less stunning than Þingvellir (one of Iceland’s most famous national parks) but in a different way. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Sigurður Bogi Sævarsson Mývatn Lake Mývatn is known for striking nature. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Rax / Ragnar Axelsson Vaglaskógur Vaglaskógur forest is one of Iceland’s biggest forests and it’s a favoured destination of locals to enjoy nature and go camping (not surprising in a […]

Icelandic band Kaleo received a gold album in the USA

The song features in the movie Logan, the latest in the X-Men series. noncleared-maintext”> Icelandic band Kaleo recently received a gold album from RIAA after their single, Way Down We Go was sold in over 500.000 copies. “This is a great acknowledgement, especially as records are not selling so well these days,” says Jökull Júlíusson, singer of the band. “This was one of my goals and it’s great to fulfil it. I don’t think much about awards but it’s great to know that people appreciate what we are doing.” The band has been in Iceland over the last few days but will soon return to the states, as their USA and Canada tour starts in March. The single is from the band’s latest album A/B which was released in 2016. The next tour after that will be a USA and Europe tour in the fall.

Music: Lord Pusswhip announces death

Steeped in abstract and cultic sampling, chopped and screwed beats and strings, and narcoleptic slurred rap lines, listening to Lord Pusswhip is a decidedly woozy and messy trip, where the lines between time and perception become porous and broken. With no tracks or artwork forthcoming, and with no way of getting in contact, FALK was facing up to the possibility of having to delay or even shelve this release. Of rather I have decided to draw a closing line between this period of my life in order to protect the ones that I love and hold dear to me, so that I may prepare for the next stage in what is an interdimensional war against what Burroughs calls ‘The One God Universe’ and its brutal regime of order that harks the slow death of love and freedom.” Now residing in Berlin, Pusswhip also hosts the radio show “Puss on a Wire” on Berlin’s  But one week ago, FALK received a WeTransfer link containing 20 tracks and artwork based on an obituary noticed found in the Icelandic press. Lord Pusswhip is Dead is a compilation album that features 20 tracks (with additional bonus tracks in the digital release) that covers […]

Iceland Silfra accident: “I watched a person die that day”

noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> One of the people diving in Silfra, a crevasse at Þingvellir national park on Sunday describes on Facebook how they watched a person die that day.  British paper the Daily Mail publishes Scott Hacker’s post. He was diving for the first time at Silfra wearing a dry suit the day of the tragedy.   The woman who died whilst snorkling at Silfra last weekend has stirred up discussion in Iceland on the safety of diving at Þingvellir. Nine serious accidents, including four deaths, have occurred at Silfra in the past seven years. 

Police believe suspect in Birna’s murder tried to lie to the other man who was in custody

 Witnesses have confirmed that the second man was indeed extremely inebriated and this is also seen on security footage.  The man who was released has always claimed that he was so drunk that he can’t remember what happened. noncleared-maintext”> The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, according to Fréttatíminn newspaper, believe that the man suspected of murdering Birna Brjánsdóttir tried to influence the memory of the other man who was released from custody.  He supposedly told the man, who was extremely inebriated,  that there were two girls inside the car. He told police that there were two girls inside the vehicle but then realised that he had no recollection of this, and that this was false information given to him by the other man.  It is however still possible that he took part in violating Birna inside the car before the other man drove the car away and killed her.  The Fréttatiminn story can be seen in Icelandic HERE. 

Real winter weather finally on its way to Iceland

noncleared-maintext”> A large low pressure area is heading towards Iceland with accompanying wind and rain. Next week, things are going to get a lot colder with bouts of snow. Another surge of rain will arrive on Sunday but by mid next week the weather will become “real winter weather” according to the Iceland Met Office. Visit our weather page HERE. 

Sónar Reykjavik kicks off with a multitude of amazing acts

Beside the two main stages a part of the concert halls underground parking will be changed in to a nightclub were local and international DJ´s will perform during the festival. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Sónar Reykjavik takes place at Harpa Concert Hall on five stages with a total capacity of 3500 guests. Sónar Reykjavik announces artists for 2017 line-upThe line up includes balanced mix of both international artists and the most current ones from Iceland´s thriving music scene. This year’s highlights include Fatboy Slim, De La Soul and Forest Swords.  To get you into the mood for this weekend’s festivities here’s a Sonar Reykjavik playlist curated by DJ Margeir.  FM Belfast Eggert Jóhannesson A scenic part of the concert house will also be changed into a stage along with a seated hall with capacity of 199 guests.

How to be a 101 Reykjavik hipster: 2017 update

noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Two years ago we told you all about how you can blend in at Prikið and Paloma in downtown Reykjavik by releasing music on cassettes, getting a Hitler youth haircut or getting a stick-and-poke tattoo.   We decided to revise our handy guide to keep all you hipsterical yuccies out there up to date for 2017.  Prikið is actually one of the oldest coffee houses in Reykjavik but is now a watering hole for the young and hip-hoppy. The piercings: Yes, yes, there are still plenty of septum rings, nose rings, ear pearcings and those totally rebellious nipple piercings that absolutely everyone’s got. And it’s finally possible in Reykjavik these days with plenty of great options at restaurants and fast food joints and vegan sushi is super popular. Having a Soundcloud account is vital, even if there’s nothing on it except absolute f*****g silence.  6.  Some places are now selling Berlin’s famous hipster brew, Club Maté, which is non-alcoholic but still costs loads of money.  7. Iceland Monitor/ Eggert Jóhannesson 5. Go to Vinýl for the hippest vegan joint in town.  8. Now it’s all about healthy green juice,(for those days you’re recovering from clubbing),  craft beers, vodka shots or […]

Big brother in Iceland is watching… kittens

The aim of the stream is to promote the adoption of stray cats. They were found in along with their mother in a warehouse and rescued. This sensation has already attracted of several media outside of Iceland, one of which is The Telegraph. The stream is called Keeping up with the Kattarshians, and the kittens names are Guðni, Stubbur, Bríet and Ronja. Here you can watch the Kattarshians live:     noncleared-maintext”> A new internet craze has gripped Iceland, watching daily exploits of four kittens on a 24/7 live stream. The project is a collaboration between The Icelandic Cat Protection Society (which runs Kattholt), The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST), vet of animal welfare and South Iceland Animal Welfare Surveillant. The kittens are siblings, 9 weeks old and come from Kattholt cat shelter. A little later, when they had matured a bit and were stronger, they were chosen to become internet stars. One of the kitten already has a home to go to after the live stream will be cut.

Iceland‘s monopoly on alcohol still for debate

Every time this issue is raised a great, long discussion starts in Iceland. The most common reasons for opposing are fear of increased consumption, fear of less variety of products and less service in availability in urban areas, and so on. The congressmen and women behind this bill are hoping that third time’s the charm, but recent polls reveal that the majority of Icelanders are against it. noncleared-maintext”> A bill lies for Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, on scrapping the state’s monopoly on the retail sale of alcohol. This is the third time an ‘alcohol bill’ – as the draft legislative act seeking to deregulate the retail sale of alcohol in Iceland is commonly known, has been put before Alþingi. The bill also affects tourists travelling to Iceland, as many don’t know about the state’s monopoly and buy copious amount of alcohol free beer in supermarkets, not realizing alcohol is only sold in the state run Vínbúð. Doctors and health organizations such as Krabbameinsfélag Íslands, The Icelandic Cancer Association have critiqued the bill, pointing out that increased consumption means increased risk to people’s health.