Third man arrested and search of harbour continues

The two men arrested earlier today on board the vessel are Greenlandic but the nationality of the third has not been disclosed yet.  All three of them will be interrogated upon arrival in Iceland this evening.  Search of the harbour in Hafnarfjörður continues and divers are also searching in the harbour, despite the darkness of evening.  Police still have no clue as to the whereabouts of Birna Brjánsdóttir or what happened to her.  Rescue workers searching at Hafnarfjörður harbour. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Police have arrested a third crew member of the Polar Nanoq, a Greenlandic trawler, on suspicion that he knows something about the disappearance of Birna Brjánsdóttir, missing since Saturday morning.

Two crew members of Polar Nanoq arrested

 The operation went fast and well and police met with no resistance.  The two men will be interrogated later on tonight when the ship arrives. This has been confirmed by the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police.  Police have furthermore taken over control of the ship, set to dock in Hafnarfjörður later this evening.  Police would not confirm whether they were suspected of a criminal offence.  Police would furthermore like to thank the National Coastguard and the crew of Danish coastguard vessel the HDMS Triton for their help.  noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Two members of the crew of Greenlandic trawler the Polar Nanoq were arrested by the special armed unit of the Icelandic police at noon today when they arrived via National Coastguard helicopter at the vessel.  Police believe that they have information on the disappearance of Birna Brjánsdóttir, missing since early Saturday morning.

Mansplaining, the beer

To explain a bit further, hrútur means ram in Icelandic, which in this instance is a reference to the season, as ram testicles are a local delicacy enjoyed this time of year. January, the first week of Þorri. noncleared-maintext”> Hrútskýrir is a new beer from Bryggjan brewery. Hrútur can in some cases also refer to a group of men, hence the Icelandic version of the term mansplaining. Vegan Þorrablót Bryggjan will not only celebrate Þorri with this beer, but also with a special menu which will be for sale 20-29. There you can taste the food Icelanders like to enjoy over this season, some of it with a modern twist. It’s a seasonal beer brewed specially for Þorri, one of the old Icelandic months when Icelanders celebrate Þorrablót and eat a variety of distinctly traditional Icelandic food, that truth be told is rather strange. It is only available at the restaurant/bar Bryggjan, which is a part of the brewery, from 17:30 today until the supply runs out. The beer isn’t strong in the flavour of hops so the sour and salty flavours stand out clear. Hrútur The name hrútskýrir is the Icelandic word for mansplaining. It’s a relatively sour wheat […]

First official visit of Iceland President is to Denmark

noncleared-maintext”> President Guðni Th.Jóhannesson and First Lady Eliza Reid will be going on their first official visit out of Iceland on January 26th.  The visit begins with a formal reception at Amaliaborg royal palace in Copenhagen and ends on January 26th.  New Minister for Foreign Affairs, Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson will be accompanying the president as well as a public committe which includes members of staff at the Foreign Ministry and President’s office, as well as Icelandic scholars.  On the visit, Jóhannesson will be handing over 700 copies of a new Danish version of the Icelandic sagas to the Royal Danish Library. 

Armed special forces flying to Greenland trawler

Crew members are possibly connected to the disappearance of Birna Brjánsdóttir, missing since early Saturday morning.  This news appeared first on RÚV.  In footage shown on Rúv you can see special force members boarding TF-LÍF, the National Coastguard Helicopter.  The Polar Nanoq is approaching Icelandic coastal waters.  noncleared-maintext”> Members of the special force unit at the Icelandic police have boarded a National Coastguard Helicopter and are heading towards Greenlandic trawler the Polar Nanoq.

Storm hits West and North Iceland

The storm will hit North West Iceland from Snæfellsnes and Borgarfjörður north to Skagafjörður and Öxnadalsheiði.  Windspeeds will reach up to between 18 and 22 m/s. and this is accompanied by snowfall.  The road administration also warns of icy roads in many parts of the country.  noncleared-maintext”> The Iceland Road Administration warns of a storm hitting Iceland shortly after noon.

Greenland trawler docks in Hafnarfjörður tonight

Yesterdau we reported that the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police were investigating whether the red Rio Kia car rented by crew members of the ship is the same vehicle seen on security cameras in the city centre at the exact same time that Birna disappeared. Her cellphone was then switched off manually but did not run out of power.  Security cameras at Hafnarfjörður harbour show a red Rio Kia driving back and forth from the harbour area several times on Saturday. This was a few minutes after Birna’s cellphone was tracked to Flatahraun in Hafnarfjörður. noncleared-maintext”> According to harbour authorities the Greenlandic trawler Polar Nanoq will be docking at Hafnarfjörður harbour at around 11 pm tonight.  Lúðvík Geirsson, director of Hafnarfjörður harbour says to that the spot where Birna Brjánsdóttir’s shoes were discovered does not form part of the official harbour area and has no surveillance cameras.  The Polar Nanoq was docked at Hafnarfjörður harbour when Birna disappeared on early Saturday morning. The driver of the vehicle has never come forward despite pleas from police.  Security cameras at Hafnarfjörður harbour have footage of a red Rio Kia car driving towards the ship between 6 and 6.30 am on Saturday morning. The […]

Greenlandic trawler cooperating with the Icelandic police in search for young woman

noncleared-maintext”> Fleet manager at Polar Seafood, owners of the Polar Nanoq have released a statement. We will provide all possible assistance to the Icelandic authorities to solve this tragic case. We must emphasize that there is currently no evidence of a connection of any kind, and that no charge has therefore been brought against any crew member. Jørgen Fossheim, Fleet Manager at Polar Seafood The statement is as follows:  Greenlandic trawler cooperating with the Icelandic police in search for young woman The Icelandic police are currently investigating whether one or more crew members of the trawler Polar Nanoq can provide information about a young girl who is currently sought. When we learned that the Icelandic police perceived a possible link between the young girl’s disappearance and the trawler Polar Nanoq, we ordered the trawler to return to Iceland and promptly made contact with the authorities. As a company we support our crew, and will provide them with whatever help is needed.The matter will hopefully soon be thoroughly elucidated, and until then we have no further comment.

Nobody arrested in missing persons case yet

noncleared-maintext”> sources say that four policemen went onboard the Triton, a Danish coastguard ship heading towards a Greenland trawler called the Polar Nanoq which was turned around on its journey to Greenland and is heading back to Iceland. Missing woman possibly linked to Greenland trawler  Police have confirmed that they have not arrested anyone and nobody has been interrogated as a suspect.  A video shows Birna bumping into two men on her walk up Laugavegur shopping street and police ask the men to come forward, not as suspects but as witnesses.  Missing woman most certainly was driven to Hafnarfjörður New footage of Birna buying a kebab in the city centre before walking up Laugavegur has also appeared and anyone who saw her at the Ali Baba kebab shop on Ingólfstorg is asked to contact police.  The Polar Nanoq, which sailed out of Hafnarfjörður harbour early on Saturday morning will arrive back in Iceland tonight.  Rescue teams have called off the search for Birna Brjánsdóttir until further information in the case appears.  As reported by Vísir, crew on the Polar Nanoq are shocked and confused by the news from Iceland and decided on their own to sail the ship back […]

Award winning Icelandic film on bank collapse available on Vimeo

noncleared-maintext”> Ransacked, an award winning film by former banker Pétur Einarsson, is now available for online viewing on Vimeo.  Ransacked is a film about the rise and fall of the Icelandic banking sector and how hedge funds who bet on the crash made billions of dollars in profits. It is also the story of how the global financial system affected the lives of one family in Iceland. Ransacked was awarded  best documentary at the Foyle film festival in Northern Ireland.  Watch the film on the link HERE. 

Missing woman possibly traced to Greenland trawler now pursued by coastguard

Kort It was revealed that it had been hired by crew of a Greenlandic trawler and the car was spotted where the trawler was docked on Saturday night before leaving Iceland at around 6 am.  Driver of red car asked to come forward According to sources of earlier this evening it was believed that a helicopter carrying the special armed unit of the Icelandic policeforce had been sent via helicopter towards the trawler, called the Polar Nanoq.  Police need help in missing person case The most recent report is that the Polar Nanoq has responded to request by the Icelandic Coastguard to turn around to Iceland as crew members need to be interrogated by Icelandic police.  Danish coastguard ship Triton has been notified and is sailing towards the Polar Nanoq.  Birna’s shoes were found near the harbour at Hafnarfjörður where the trawler was docked.  Birna's shoes were found near the harbour in Hafnarfjörður. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The red Kia Rio car which was seen stopping at Laugavegur where Birna Brjánsdóttir, missing since early Saturday morning, has been found.

Missing young woman most certainly got a lift to Hafnarfjörður say police

Now we are sure that she went there herself and that she was driven there, it’s the only possibility,” says policeman Grímur Grímsson who is heading the investigation. But the shoes have snow on the soles. ” He adds that all further clues are desperately needed from the general public, especially anyone she might have stopped to chat to on her way up Laugavegur.  For details of Birna Brjánsdóttir’s appearance and more information see HERE.  It’s strange and we need to obtain answers as to why that is. noncleared-maintext”> The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police believe that it is almost certain that Birna Brjánsdóttir who is missing since early Saturday morning got into a car in the city centre and was driven to Hafnarfjörður.  He added in an interview with that it is possible that the shoes were planted at the spot in which they were found. The person driving that vehicle has not come forward.  Shoes which are now thought to belong to Birna Brjánsdóttir were found in Hafnarfjörður close to the harbourfront. “There was no snow in Reykjavik when she disappeared. Previously, her cellphone was traced to Hafnarfjörður at around 6 am but was manually switched off.  “Now that […]

Gluten free in Reykjavik

Chefs won’t necessarily know what gluten intolerance/coeliac disease is some assume that you are on a diet and therefore not take as much care and not think about cross contamination, which can easily ruin a vacation. The best way to go is to inform the restaurant of the situation when you book a table, the chef will appreciate a time to prepare. Supermarkets The variety of gluten free products in supermarkets in Reykjavik is fine. The selection varies, sometimes there is one type available, sometimes more, and sometimes there are gluten free beers on tap. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The gluten free vibe hasn’t risen as high in Reykjavik as in many other western countries. Cakes from Hendur í Höfn Photo: Hendur í Höfn These are my absolute favourite restaurants, tried and tested many times. Stores in bigger towns around Iceland offer at least 1 type of gluten free beer. These are the bars to visit if you are looking for delicious gluten free craft beers, usually imported from Denmark. Other restaurants I can recommend are: Torfan, Kolabrautin, Steikhúsið, Kopar, Fiskimarkaðurinn, Grillmarkaðurinn, Apótekið and Fiskifélagið. Here are some tips from a (gluten free) local on what you have to know if on a gluten […]

Rapid HIV and Hep C tests available in Iceland for the first time

Interviewed by GayIceland she says,  “These tests, from OraSure, are very easy to use but need to be carried out by professionals. The ultimate goal is of course to eliminate Hepatitis C from Iceland but that’s perhaps too optimistic a dream.” Free medication for Hepatitis C in Iceland Ragnheiður explains that both HIV and Hepatitis C are transmitted in the same way, by unclean syringe needles or sexual contact, especially between two men, so the tests will be used to skim for both viruses at the same time. It is estimated that between 800 and 1000 people are infected of Hepatitis C in Iceland and we believe that 80 percent of them have already been diagnosed so we want to find the rest of them so we can help them. Thankfully, Hepatitis can now be treated and HIV can be contained with medication so it’s very important to find those infected as early as possible.” noncleared-maintext”> Website GayIceland reports that in the next few weeks, quick and easy tests will be available for HIV and Hepatitis C. This is part of an incentive to eliminate Hepatitis C from Iceland.  Ragnheiður Hulda Friðriksdóttir is a project manager of a Hepatitis C […]

Drones search for missing woman over Hafnarfjörður

She disappeared from sight outside Laugavegur 31.  “If they are indeed her shoes that were found it is more likely than not that the shoes are hers.” noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>  Dr.Martens shoes were found near the harbour at Hafnarfjörður late last night but it is still unclear whether the shoes belonged to missing young woman Birna Brjánsdóttir. Drones are covering the area which wear found near the Atlantsolía oil tanks.  Chief of the investigation at the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, Grímur Grímsson, says that Birna was seen on no other security camera footage except the one we published last night of her walking in an inebriated state up Laugavegur shopping street.