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International nail varnish giant OPI has put a new range of colours on the market inspired by Icelandic nature. Now you can paint your nails in hues of waterfall, moss, geysirs and glaciers. OPI is one of the largest companies world-wide to make nail varnish. One of its fonders, Suzi Wiess-Fischmann says that they chose Iceland because of how popular it is right now. 
There are twelve different colours in the range all bearing Iceland- connected names. 

This means that volcanic activity has subsided and that there are no signs of an impending eruption
The glacial river flood at Múlakvísl is also over according to experts at the Iceland Met Office and the Iceland Civil Protection and Alert Management. 
According to the Iceland Met Office, Katla’s colour code is mainly used for air traffic.  noncleared-maintext”>
 Katla, Iceland’s most powerful volcano has been moved from yellow back to green.

The annual Landsmót horse riding contest in Iceland. For many Icelanders this a no-no, and you may find that you are quickly corrected with: “They are NOT ponies, they are horses!”

Icelandic horses come in a wide variety of colours and the Icelandic language includes more than 100 names for the various colours and patterns. These additional gaits allow for explosive speed when needed over short distances, but also provide a smooth and gentle ride. They are relatively small in size and are perfect for riding. Displaying incredible sturdiness, strength as well as beauty and temperament, these animals truly know how to survive in Iceland’s most extreme conditions, no matter what the weather may throw at them. Eggert Jóhannesson

One useful tip for those wishing to avoid annoying Icelanders is not to refer to their horses as “ponies’. They have two extra gaits in addition to the typical walk, trot, and canter/gallop commonly displayed by other breeds. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

For Icelanders, the Icelandic horse is a true symbol of the country.