Construction of the turf-houses in Biskupstungur is still ongoing and all the material used is of the highest quality. According to the owners, guests will enjoy complete privacy as the road to the buildings will be closed for traffick. Such houses are traditionally made with a foundation of flat stone and a wooden frame which holds the load of turf that is fitted around it in blocks. Icelander’s lived in such houses from the time the first settlers arrived – some even well into the 20th century. The houses will only be available for up to 40 guests at a time. noncleared-maintext”>
Two families will be opening up a new overnight option for travelers in Biskupstungur in Iceland’s Western Region next year, where they have built ten turf-houses in the style of the Icelandic turf-farms.

White-beaked dolphins can be up to two meters long and usually travel in herds. They aren’t always this frisky but then again, the biggest festival weekend of the summer is coming up! noncleared-maintext”>
House of Pain said to “Jump around” and that is exactly what happened when dozens of white-beaked dolphins came together to play in the Westfjords yesterday morning. 
While the popular saying “What happens in Steingrímsfjörður stays in Steingrímsfjörður” usually holds up, these party animals where caught on camera by whale-watchers with Láki Tours from Hólmavík.

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Just under 300 people attended a birthday party yesterday. However, the Icelandic government intends to deport her and her father based on the Dublin Regulation, and so some of their Icelandic friends decided to throw the party early. No, they all came together to make 12-year-old’s Hanyie Maleki’s birthday party the most memorable one to date. A banker? He says the guests were of all ages and that Hanyie, who is normally shy, was a star through it all, hugging and taking pictures with people. The president? A soccer star? “It went beyond our expectations and was just great. Guðmundur also opened up a bank account for Hanyie and this morning, well-wishers had donated about 600 thousand Króna.  Hanyie is Afghani and her actual birthday isn’t until October. The birthday girl was thrilled and many of the guests brought presents, even those that didn’t know her. She even got the holy grail of teendom: an iPhone. Who were they celebrating you ask? There was much support and love,” says one of the organizers, Guðmundur Karlsson.

Earlier this week, local woman Ragnheiður Axel started her day with something a lot blacker than any cup of coffee she could have made. “He is obviously used to being around people, when I talked to him and asked him what he was doing there he just answered.”
Ragnheiður also says he is a bit of a prankster – playing with men and dogs and knocking on windows repeatedly until somebody comes out to talk with him. She had just gotten to work in Hafnarfjörður when there was a knock on the door. Last she saw, the raven was walking on over to her neighbor’s lot. After some investigation Ragnheiður found out that the raven lives in Garðabær. In it, she can be heard exclaiming in Icelandic: “I am starting of the day with a raven on my fucking head!”

She discussed this unusual guest with neighbors who had also been visited by the same bird the day before. He was so friendly; only wanted to pick at my shoes and talk,” she says. He comes by quite often, they said, and prefers to hang out by their window. “I have never met a raven and held a bird that way, but then he flew up and sat on my head.”
The event can be seen in the video below which Ragnheiður posted on her Facebook page. Ragnheiður loves animals and is used to playing with dogs but she had no idea how to entertain a raven. It was a raven. “But I hope he visits again some time.” “I went outside and greeted him and it was so strange. “Apparently, he often knocks on people’s and company’s doors and wants to play,” she says.