Every other day the Environmental Agency have to send people to remove it. Among the things recently drawn in the crater are a giant penis. Davíð Hansson, specialist at the agency says this has been particularly bothersome this summer. 

“We respond every time and comb over the writing or drawings but they don’t disappear until it rains.”

Below you can see the post put up by the agency to tell people to please stop disturbing the natural environment. 

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Almost daily, people walk into the Hverfjall crater in North Iceland and draw some kind of image or write in it.

 A number of people were surprised to see a tent in the traffic island next to Harpa concert hall in the centre of Reykjavik this morning. By noon the tent had gone. 
Traffic in that area is very heavy so it’s not the calmest spot to spend the night. When Mbl.is contacted the staff at Harpa they said they couldn’t do anything about the tent as the traffic island does not belong to the building. 
The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, asked about the tent, said that camping is illegal in Reykjavik except in specified camp sites. People are not fined for camping illegally but they are told  to leave. 

Eggertsson painted the first brushstrokes by the City Hall yesterday. For the full programme see the official website HERE.  The Pride Parade takes place on Saturday and until then a variety of events take place all around the city. 
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Reykjavik Pride Week began yesterday with a rainbow being painted in the walkway to the City Hall in Reykjavik.

18.  The restoration has been done according the old style of building. 
The building was originally constructed as a storage space for the Nyhafn grocery store in Hafnarstræti no. noncleared-maintext”>
In recent months, Hafnarstræti 17 in the city centre of Reykjavik has been rebuilt. It’s to become a part of the Reykjavik Consulate Hotel run by Icelandair. 
Hafnarstræti no.17 was built in the eyar 1900 but had detororated considerably.

Candles will be lit in memory of the victims of the attacks. 
The candles will be floated on Lake Tjörnin in central Rekjavik at 22:30 on the southern side of the lake.  noncleared-maintext”>
Pacifists in Iceland have organised a candle float tomorrow night to commemorate 72 years sine nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.