The photos of the women are by Icelandic photographer Helga NĂ­na Aas taken in Iceland’s hot pools. 

Aas tells Refinery29 that, much like women in the U.S., Icelandic women deal with pressure from the media to look a certain way. Fortunately, according to Aas, Icelandic women are finding ways to resist limited ideas of beauty in their everyday lives, starting with the example they’re setting. “Some women are only happy with themselves if they have worked out vigorously, watched everything that they have eaten, and feel like they’re at their peak,” she says. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

 Lifestyle website Refinery 29 published an article recently on how Icelandic women feel about their bodies and the bodies of other women. “It was a great personal reminder to talk about myself respectfully, especially around my own daughter.”

You can see the entire article HERE.  “Many of us choose to be inspired by women who respect their bodies and have a happy balance with family, work, spirituality, and health,” she says.