We are going to go over the next steps and we’re not giving up yet.” He adds that they are devastated.  Earlier this summer, over 300 Icelanders organised a birthday party for Hanyie as a show of support for her remaining in Iceland. 

300 Icelanders attend refugee girl’s birthday party

Hanyie’s father Abrahim is disabled following a car accident and the appeals board had specified that their situation was particularly delicate. A friend of the small family, GuĂ°mundur Karl Karlsson says that the government had obviously decided to treat the matter with great speed. The Directorate of Immigration has decided to deport them in accordance with the Dublin regulation. 

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 Refugee girl Hanyie and her father Abrahim Maleki received news yesterday morning that they were to be deported after all from Iceland. “They’re still trying to come to terms with this.