“One person told me that he hadn’t gone to France but was going to go to Russia and was going to sell his car to make that work out.”
VITA travel agency tells the same story. We have experience from the France adventure in 2016.” Lúðvík Arnarson at VITA says that the company had already begun preparing for Russia flights before the national football team secured their place in the finals. 
“Of course we won’t know exactly what we’re doing until we know where the Icelandic team will be playing. noncleared-maintext”>
Travel agencies in Iceland are already receiving requests from Icelanders looking for flights to Russia for the FIFA World Cup next summer. 
Luka Kostic at Úrval-Útsýn says that many have contacted the company and that it’s clear that the interest in following the national team to their matches in Russia next summer is great. 
“We’re going to be offering trips to Russia with guides,” says Luka adding that the package would include accommodation, flights, a ticket to the match and travel between stadiums.

Travellers are urged to take care when travelling in Iceland today due to autumn’s first really icy road conditions.  
Icy patches are on Hellisheiði, which is the road between Reykjavik and Hveragerði, and several smaller roads in South Iceland and Reykjanes. Nesjavallaleið and Kjósarskarð are very icy, according the the Iceland Road Administration. 

But essentially this is the same information.” The information is based on investigation of the Panama Papers. 

The Icelandic government decided to purchase tax documents for 37 million ISK in 2015. “We’ve been in communication with German authorities for a while because they purchased these documents spoken of in  Süddeutsche Zeitung. This has been confirmed by tax authorities in Iceland. A media report on off-shore company Wintris was made using those same documents. 

Tax investigation director Bryndís Kristjánsdóttir confirms to mbl.is today that information was received from German authorities this spring or summer. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

An article in German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung states that the German Federal Bureau of Investigation has passed information to Icelandic tax authorities on matters regarding former PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. She says that there’s nothing new in that information but more information is expected which could hold new information. The documents they have are more extensive than those we purchased.

According to a new survey by marketing company MMR, the Left Green Movement have the most following in Iceland with 21.8% of votes. The survey was conducted October 6th to October 11th. 
Both the Left Green Movement lose votes to other parties from the previous MMR survey which ended on September 28th. 

The Alliance Party would receive 15 % of votes according to the survey becoming larger than the Pirate Party, the People’s Party and the Progressive Party.  The Indepedence Party is just under with 21.1 % of votes.

She was an innocent person who did nothing wrong and had never hurt anybody. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and met with a dreadful fate. She speaks of a reoccuring trauma. “I’m still in shock.”
She spoke of the support she felt from the public how important it was. 
In the interview Hreinsdóttir spoke of Birna and described her as a fun, inventive girl but also as a strong-willed person who was kind to people and made friends easily. 
The entire interview in Icelandic can be viewed HERE.  noncleared-maintext”>
It isn’t right to connect the terrible events that occurred for Birna Brjánsdóttir to her memory. Birna’s mother Silla Hreinsdóttir appeared on news programme Kastljós last night and said that she didn’t want the case to be named the Birna case. 
Hreinsdóttir said that it was easy to destroy the memory of a person once they were deceased and that it was very hurtful for her to hear details of what happened to her daughter at the trial.

“We don’t know yet but that’s how it’s been at every large tournament.” Reynisson believes that Russian authorities will be asking for Icelandic police to be sent over there during the championships. It’s huge and we have to look at many things. Preparations are under way but will go full blast when we know where we are playing,” says Víðir Reynisson in today’s Morgunblaðið. 
Eight Icelandic police officers were sent to France when Iceland competed at the UEFA championships. noncleared-maintext”>
 Chief of security of the Icelandic national men’s football team is already preparing for the team’s participation in the FIFA World Cup in Russia next summer. 
“This is going to be a very exciting project.

It was pretty hard work but we tried to be as calm as possible.”
The reason for the accident is under investigatoin by the South Iceland Police.  noncleared-maintext”>
24 piglets died in a car accident in South Iceland last night when a lorry carrying them to the slaughterhouse overturned. Many piglets were so injured that they had to be put down. The driver of the lorry was able to get out of the vehicle by himself and received minor injuries. 
The local fire department came to help with the animals. Most of the piglets were trapped in the vehicle but one piglet ran away into the surrounding nature. The ones who were put down had either broken bones or were paralysed in the accident. Most of the animals were injured and all suffered from shock. 
The lorry was carrying 114 piglets from the Stjörnugrís pig farm. But I found it and kept it calm.”
Getting the piglets back into another vehicle proved difficult. “Twelve animals died instantly and the rest had to be put down because of serious injury. “Even though the pigs were on their way to be slaughtered nobody wants to see animals suffering. A vet was at the premises to decide which animals had to be put down and police did so using guns. “Pigs don’t really comply with orders. Police also arrived at the scene as well as Stjörnugrís employees. Our task was to lessen their suffering,” said a fire department officer at the scene.

Heavy rainfall today from Strandir in North-West Iceland, Siglufjörður and east towards Skjálfandi could cause flooding and danger of rock slides warns the Iceland Met Office.The weather will be unpredictable towards the weekend with areas of low pressure arriving towards Iceland bringing wind and rain. However, temperatures are still very mild for the autumn season in Iceland and the ocean temperatures is higher than average for this time of year. The forecast for the next 24 hours is for winds in the West Fjords, rain in the North, mostly fair in the South but becoming cloudy in the late afternoon. 

Benedikt Jóhannesson, leader of the Reform Party has stepped down and Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir has replaced him. 
Jóhannesson told mbl.is this morning that he made the decision himself after speaking to his family. “I believe that my personal interests need to make way for larger interests.”
He adds however that he’s still passionate about the party and will continue to work with them.  “The polls have not been in our favour recently,” he said.