However, Gunnlaugsson’s wife, Anna Sigurlaug Pálsdóttir did not pay taxes in Iceland in accordance to laws for some years. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, former PM and former leader of the Progressive Party is preparing to sue three Icelandic media companies for their coverage of his finances and his wife’s finances in the so-called Wintris case which led to the government crumbling over a year ago. 

Tax Haven scandal: Government must go

Gunnlaugsson has come forward in media in recent days following a ruling on his wife’s  tax reports becoming public.  The reports show that taxes were paid of the Wintris company situated offshore. Others say that nothing changes the fact that the former PM hid the fact that his wife owned an offshore company and that the matter had never had anything to do with whether they paid taxes or not.  After the former PM’s implications to the Panama Papers and him stepping down as PM the couple made an agreement with tax authorities in 2016 to reassess Pálsdóttir’s payments between 2011- 2015.  They appealed part of this reassessment disputing the amount of money to be paid and this ruling was made public last week showing that Pálsdóttir was refunded partly. 

The Wintris matter has therefore made the media again with supporters of Gunnlaugsson, who has now formed a new political party called Miðjuflokkurinn (The Centre Party – X-M) saying that seeing as taxes were paid off the couple’s offshore company they had done nothing wrong.