But he’s a bit of a loner, he gets left out a bit. The owners have finally decided upon his fate – he is to be auctioned for charity in November in the county of Skaftárhreppur. 

Unicorn found in Iceland

It’s an annual auction with all proceeds going to local charities. He just liked going there along with the other rams.”

Instead of putting him on display for tourists, Ólafsdóttir says that they let him lead the quiet life. Following our report last spring, the story was picked up by the BBC, the Daily Mail, Newsweek and Mashable to name a few. 

“I sometimes forget how famous he is,” says Ólafsdóttir. Einhyrningur has had a good life since hitting international headlines, says his owner Erla Þórey Ólafsdóttir. “He just spent the summer in the fields with the other rams. I don’t know if it’s because he’s different or whether he just choses to be alone for some reason.” “He’s had a good summer and even went to a ram show although he didn’t get judged. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

Icelandic ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) gained world attention this spring.