It was pretty hard work but we tried to be as calm as possible.”
The reason for the accident is under investigatoin by the South Iceland Police.  noncleared-maintext”>
24 piglets died in a car accident in South Iceland last night when a lorry carrying them to the slaughterhouse overturned. Many piglets were so injured that they had to be put down. The driver of the lorry was able to get out of the vehicle by himself and received minor injuries. 
The local fire department came to help with the animals. Most of the piglets were trapped in the vehicle but one piglet ran away into the surrounding nature. The ones who were put down had either broken bones or were paralysed in the accident. Most of the animals were injured and all suffered from shock. 
The lorry was carrying 114 piglets from the Stjörnugrís pig farm. But I found it and kept it calm.”
Getting the piglets back into another vehicle proved difficult. “Twelve animals died instantly and the rest had to be put down because of serious injury. “Even though the pigs were on their way to be slaughtered nobody wants to see animals suffering. A vet was at the premises to decide which animals had to be put down and police did so using guns. “Pigs don’t really comply with orders. Police also arrived at the scene as well as Stjörnugrís employees. Our task was to lessen their suffering,” said a fire department officer at the scene.