A majority want to undergone hormone treatment but few undergo corrective surgery. 

“There’s been an increase throughout the world,” she explains to mbl.is. “Men wearing skirts was just thought to be funny. “We have been observing this increase in both Europe and the US.”

She adds that the increase is particularly with transgender men, i.e, individuals born biologically as women. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”>

On average, two people turn to the transgender programme at the National University Hospital in Reykjavik per month. “When public discussion of the matter began the ration was one biological women against four biological males, but the percentage is more even now.”

She believes one of the reasons that transgender men have been more reluctant to come forward is that it’s easier to be inobtrusive within society as a masculine woman than a feminine man. But women wearing truosers and being strong and unusual was more accceptable.” This number has been increasing over the past 3-4 years according to psychologist Elsa Bára Traustadóttir.