US woman retrieves precious necklace lost in Iceland two months ago

Fusco found the original Facebook post and replied, thanking those who helped her find the necklace. Yesterday when I was working I saw it again and took a better look at it and saw how important this necklace must be for the owner and I started thinking that I have to find the owner,” Ms. “I was shocked at first to be honest,” she said. With the help of US emergency services 911 and a tourist shop employee in Iceland she managed to find it again.  This is reported by the Post Gazette.  The necklace is not particularly precious in the material sense of the word but on it are the fingerprints and birthdates of the parents of Ashley Fusco, who both died in a car crash in 2008. Robinson said. “It was really special to me,” she said. To Mrs. “I mean, it was two months ago when I lost it.” Þormoðsdóttir said idontspeakicelandic is mailing the necklace to the U.S. Monday night.   “I found it in April for the first time but I didn’t really think much of it because customers forget things all the time so I just put it under the desk. “I hesitated at […]

Two men arrested for two attacks in Reykjavik last night

The perpetrators stole his phone and the man received minor injuries.  The second attack occurred at nearby Vitatorg square when a witness reported two men attacking a man lying on the ground and kicking him in the head.  The victim received minor injuries.  noncleared-maintext”> Two men were arrested by the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police last night for two attacks.   The men had apparently attacked him when he refused to buy the phone that they had stolen from their previous victim. The first attack was on a man near Njálsgata in central Reykjavik.

Icelandic PM sends condolences to the British people

noncleared-maintext”> Icelandic Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has offered his condolences to the British public following the attack in Manchester last night which killed 22 people and left 50 injured.  “Nothing can explain the will to attack innocent people, children, teenagers and their parents, as was so cruelly done in Manchester last night. No words can express the extent of the consequences,” writes Benediktsson.  President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has sent a formal letter of condolences to Queen Elizabeth.  Foreign Minister Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson also wrote a message of sympathy. 

Don’t feed the ducks at Lake Tjörnin this summer!

noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The City of Reykjavik has issued a plea for citizens to stop feeding bread to the ducks on Lake Tjörnin in the city centre. When autumn sets in the birds need more to eat but people are asked to bring alternatives to bread, such as grains, seeds, oats, lettuce or cooked rice, all of these being better for the birds and the ecosystem as a whole.  Seagulls prefer the seaside but are attracted to the pond to feed on bread and ducklings.  Throwing bread into the pond can also have a detrimental effect on the bacteria in the water, which sometimes causes a thin toxic layer.  The City of Reykjavik recommends that people stop feeding bread or anything else to the ducks from May until the autumn as the birds get plenty of natural food in the pond. Feeding the ducks at this time of year attracts seagulls to the lake -or pond, if you like, and the tiny ducklings that are now hatching are easy prey for seagulls.  The first ducklings can be spotted on Lake Tjörnin swimming in lines behind their mothers.

Costco fever hits Iceland with anticipated store opening this morning

Search and rescue teams employed for Costco’s opening The store opened its doors at 9 am this morning and a few people turned up before then, with one guy standing in line since midnight, reports  Around 40 thousand people in Iceland have signed up for a Costco card, as a membership is necessary to make purchases in the store.   Our sister publication witnessed the store opening live which you can watch here below.  noncleared-maintext”> A great number of people were gathered outside the new Costco store in Kauptún, Garðabær, a municipality of Reykjavik this morning.

Seagull flies from Iceland and back with an arrow in its chest

noncleared-maintext”> A black-headed gull nicknamed Örvar (Arrow) due to an arrow stuck in his neck has again been spotted in Borgarnes, West Iceland, after disappearing to warmer shores during the winter.  The bird eith the arrow in its neck was first spotted in Borgarnes in April last year and then occasionally all throughout the year after disappearing in the autumn.   It would therefore seem that incredibly, the bird actually flew across the ocean and back again, all the time carrying the large arrow in its chest. 

Icelandair release their first gay commercial – “Important to show diversity”

We think it’s only natural to reflect that in our marketing material and therefore aim for a marketing approach that reaches certain groups and is suitable for certain media,” explains Jón Skafti Kristjánsson, brand manager at Icelandair. We then have other ads in this series where we focus on other cities and different activities, such as seeing a show in the theatre, shopping trips, visiting museums and trying out new restaurants.” The ads for Icelandair are made in collaboration with advertising agency Íslenska auglýsingastofan which hired complete amateurs to appear in the ad – men who are not even used to modelling – GayIceland’s chief editor himself, Roald Viðar Eyvindsson, and his husband and partner of 19 years, Sigurþór Gunnlaugsson. What is perhaps most notable about this particular ad is that even though the characters in it are gay, they’re not the stereotypical, extravagant gay men so often portrayed in adverts: tanned, muscular young men dressed to the nines with stylized hair, dancing to Lady Gaga tunes till dawn. “The target group for this particular ad isn’t young people wanting to party. It’s part of a series to promote a service we call Points and Money, where the individual ads […]

Gorgeous sixties style flat for sale in West Reykjavik

Beautiful French windows in the dining room. A fireplace in the dining room. The front door. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> A flat at Ásvallagata, a street in the quiet residential and rather yuppy area of Reykjavik is beautifully decorated with bright touches of colour and a sixties feel. It’s up for grabs for, well, the considerable sum of 77 million ISK.  The apartment is large, at 148 square metres and it’s located in a building constructed in 1949.  The current owners have favoured sixties style décor with items such as brass lights by Louis Weldorf in the dining room and chairs by Arne Jacobsen, mixed with thrift store furniture.  Check out the apartment listing on the real estate web of HERE.  The living room.

Arctic char stocks depleting in Iceland’s rivers and lakes

 Temperatures in rivers in Iceland have also been rising since 2003, and winters are warmer than before.   Arctic char is a very close relative of the trout and salmon with pinky/orange meat and tastes very similar.  A similar course of events is taking place in Norway, according to an article in today’s Morgunblaðið.  The depletion of Arctic char stocks seems to be related to warmer temperatures and global warming. noncleared-maintext”> “The big picture is that since the year 2000 there’s been a near constant depletion of Arctic char in rivers and lakes,” says Guðni Guðbergsson, marine specialist at the Iceland Marine Research Institute.

Costco sells the cheapest petrol in Iceland

This is the cheapest petrol price in Iceland.  The cheapest petrol in Iceland excluding that from Costco is from Orka’s X branches at 185.7 ISK per litre, 15.8 kronas higher than Costco’s price. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Costco have begun selling petrol outside their store at Kauptún in Garðabær at 169.9 ISK per litre.  Normal Orka branches charge 197.8 ISK per litre, Atlansolía and ÓB charge 199.4 ISK per litre,  Shell or Skeljungur as it’s called in Icelandic charge 199.4 ISK per litre and N1 and Olís 199.9 ISK per litre.  Search and rescue teams employed for Costco Iceland’s opening Runólfur Ólafsson, managing director of FÍB, the association of Icelandic vehicle owners, says speaking to that this is great news. “It’s great to see that we’re getting some real competion on this market.” He adds that Costco’s petrol price supports what they’ve been pointing out for years, which is that Icelandic customers have had to pay 20 – 30 times higher prices for petrol than neighbouring countries due to the lack of competition.   Costco will open their highly anticipated store tomorrow, Tuesday.  Their low price for petrol has raised eyebrows in Iceland and many people are questioning how come Iceland’s petrol […]

Iceland’s Minister of Health supports Rammstein at epic Iceland concert

President of Iceland,  Guðni Th. The concert last Saturday was very well received.  The show was just about as big as it gets, much bigger than 16 years ago. There was so much fire and explosions on stage that fifteen firefighters from the Reykjavik Fire Department were on duty at the concert in case of an emergency. Rammstein has been popular in Iceland for a long time, especially when they last performed here back in 2001. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> Minister for Health Óttar Proppé is also the front man for metal band HAM, who supported German metal band Rammstein at a concert in  Reykjavik on Saturday night.  Minister for Health Óttar Proppé is the singer of  HAM, a metal band founded in 1988 and one of the first bands in Iceland to play rock music that was considerably heavier than music popular at the time. Jóhannesson, attended the concert. HAM doesn’t perform much these days but came together support German rock band Rammstein last Saturday.

Increased surveillance after teen rampage in Reykjavik

noncleared-maintext”> Reykjavik Metropolitan Police have increased surveillance in Laugardalur, Reykjavik, after a group of children and teenagers have been rampaging in the area. This seems to be working as reported incidents have decreased. The lights around Langholtskirkja church have been broken repeadetly and there have been damages made on Reykjavik Family Park and Zoo. Surveillance in the area has been increased over the last week with police officers on bicycles  monitoring the area. The boy is planning to file charges against his attackers. There have been many incidents of vandalism. “These are young kids, mostly 14-15 years old and even younger.” When asked if the group of children that attacked the 14 year old boy is the same group that has been causing the damages, he didn’t want to assert anything. A 14 year old boy was attacked by a large group of teenagers just over a week ago. “There have been many incidents involving teenagers in the area lately,” says Guðmundur Páll Jónsson of Reykjavik Metropolitan Police. According to his mother the attack was completely unprovoked, though the boy seemed to have been a decided target.

Break-in at Þingvellir service centre

The robbers took with them three cashier boxes. noncleared-maintext”> Last night someone broke into the service centre at Þingvellir national park. The theft was reported around 2 am last night. The park is considered to be one of Iceland’s natural jewels and most tourist that visit Iceland pass through there. The police is investigating. It is thought that each one had approximately 30.000 ISK in it, which means they took 90.000 ISK altogether.

Vilborg Arna becomes Iceland’s first woman to summit Mt. Everest

“She’s feeling great and the ascent went unbelievably well”. The ascent to the summit took about eleven hours and they reached the summit at 3:15 AM Icelandic time/GMT, or 9:00 AM Nepal time/NPT. Everest early this morning and became the first Icelandic woman, and the seventh Icelander, to reach the top of the world. Vilborg Arna and Tenji Sherpa left Camp Four last night at 21:15 local time. Today, May 21, marks the twentieth year anniversary since the first Icelanders reached the top of Mt. Vilborg Arna has made two previous attempts at conquering the mountain with her 2014 and 2015 attempts abrubtly halted due to the two largest natural disasters ever to take place there – an earthquake and an avalanche.  Related:  Climbs Everest a second timeVilborg Arna makes third Mount Everest attempt Vilborg Arna heads for Everest’s peak tonight The first Icelanders to reach the summit in 1997 were Björn Ólafsson, Einar K. “They made it! Vilborg Arna and Tenji Sherpa spent a few minutes at the summit to take in the before heading back down. According to Veruson, conditions on the mountain were windy with heavy traffic, but around 30-40 people were attempting to summit the mountain last night. […]

20 places to see in West Iceland

You can take the ferry to Flatey Island, where there’s a guesthouse and a small village during the summer, or go sailing and even fishing or catching scallops with local tour operators. Here’s a list of our top 20 places to visit in West Iceland: 1. Erpsstaðir dairy farm Erpsstaðir is a farm that produces a variety of goods from their own product. They fell into the river and drowned. Hvalfjörður Hvalfjörður is a fjord just north of Reykjavík. There you can stop by and buy ice cream, cheese, skyr and even skyr candy. Two children were walking over a stone arch over the waterfall, which serviced as a bridge in those days. There is very little traffic there as the nr.1 ring road lies through a tunnel under it. Their mother was so furious that she had the arch broken down. It’s a brewery not afraid to test the limits, and are perhaps most famous for their beer brewed with whale testicles. This is close to Bifröst University, what seems like a small village 31 km north of Borgarnes. Hraunfossar spring out from underneath a lava field. Reykholt was the home of Snorri Sturluson. It has been used by locals for […]