“Disappointed” – but respects Bright Future’s stance

Asked whether he understands their decision he replied, ” Its difficult to put myself in their shoes, and I’m sad that this happened because I have enjoyed our cooperation. “I didn’t expect this to happen now.” Jóhannesson says that he respects Bright Future’s decision. He respects the decision made by Bright Future but does not feel that there was a breach of trust within the government. noncleared-maintext”> Leader of the Reform Party, Benedikt Jóhannesson says that the fact that Prime Minister Benediktsson was told of his father’s involvement in the restoration of honour of one of Iceland’s most notorious pedophiles was abnormal. He adds that the case behind the government collapsing is so disturbing that it was hard to imagine, one and a half months later, what should have been the right thing to do. He adds that it was unnatural that PM Benediktsson was the only one informed.  The situation is a disappointment he says. I have been happy in this government although people haven’t agreed on all issues.” If the matter had been a confidential one to everyone it would have been more natural.  Iceland’s government collapses The Reform Party is the third party of the coaliton which […]

Iceland’s Pirate Party calls for new constitution

It shows that the public is in charge and it was the public, who five years ago, voted for a new constitution. It shows us how individuals can have an impact and change society. The Independence Party, with these actions, has shown that it is not fit to rule. “We admire their courage and their integrity. noncleared-maintext”> Pirate Party captain Birgitta Jónsdóttir read a statement imploring other parties in Parliament to respond to the appeal made by Iceland’s president to agree to a new draft of the constitution before parliament is dissolved. “Revelations that misuse of power has been directed towards victims of sexual abuse has had a deep impact on us all,” she said, furthermore praising the courage of the victims and their families who have come forward in this matter. The Pirate Party therefore implores all other parties in government, to heed our call, and the call of the President of Iceland at the opening of the Parliament, to agree to a new constitution before Parliament is dissolved and a new election is called, which has to be as soon as possible.”

“It was the voices of women that collapsed the government”

It means literally “let’s be loud”  or “speak out”.  We as a society do not tolerate sexual violence anymore, we do not tolerate violence towards women and children. noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> The Icelandic government collapsed because women spoke out, reads a statement by the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association. People spoke out when bureaucracy stamped papers without thinking, awarding these abusers restored honour, without conversation, without transparency. There has been too much silencing in this country about the fact that a large number of women and children are abused by people in their closest environment, they are not safe where they should be the safest, in their own homes.” The statement closes with the hashtag #höfumhátt, which has been circulating this summer with regards to these matter. People spoke out. People spoke out when convicted abusers knocked on their friends doors to ask for favours. People spoke out about violence which women and children were subjected to. “Society no longer has patience towards a system that protects offenders and doesn’t care about victims.” “A watershed took place in Icelandic society last night when the government collapsed, not because of money, not because of political disagreement of professional politicians, but because women spoke […]

Man dies in fire in South Iceland farm

noncleared-maintext”> A man died in a fire which occurred in a farm in Fljótsdalshérað, East Iceland yesterday.  According to East Iceland police, the building was engulfed in fire when they arrived. The man’s body has not yet been identified by forensic experts but it is believed that he lived in the building.  The cause of fire is under investigation. 

Laws for “restored honour” are 77 years old

 At the beginning, restored honour was only used to give convicted criminals the right to vote again, something which is not valid anymore.  Iceland’s government collapses A definition of a tarnished reputation is found in voting laws in Iceland where it states that a person has a tarnished reputation if they have been convicted of an offence which is considered disgraceful in the opinion of the general public and which demands at least four months of prison without parole.  In both Denmark and Iceland, an untarnished reputation is a condition for certain public offices or permits, such as a law licence or other positions of power. Restored honour does not clear a person’s criminal record, but it can restore former civil rights to that person, such as rights to work as a lawyer. noncleared-maintext”> The government of Iceland collapsed late last night, when coalition partner Bright Future, decided to withdraw from the government in light of controversy surrounding the circumstances in which a convicted pedophile was granted restoration of honour. However, if the offence was of a nature which is considered disgraceful by the general public, this person has to apply for this legal procedure called restored honour. Danish laws at […]

“That trust is long gone.” – Interview with father of one of the victims

I couldn’t have imagined this happening at all.” noncleared-maintext bigimgs-interleaved”> In the cultural niche of older men, sexual offences are immaterial,  which they are not, and the fact the government collapses as a result of this discussion about restored honour, proves that,” says actor Bergur Þór Ingólfsson. He’s the father of one of the victims of Robert Downey, whose honour was restored according to Icelandic law.  Ingólfsson, who stepped forward in media when news broke that Downey, convicted of sexually abusing underage teenage girls, has been a loud voice in recent months demanding information and answers from officials within the government.  Speaking to mbl.is today in light of the news of the government crumbling, he also wants to thank the new wave of feminism and “girls who answer back,” for opening up the subject. “I think people just had enough.

Iceland PM speaks at Global Positive Forum

“Almost all electricity for Icelandic households is renewable energy.” He also speaks about the financial crisis in 2008 and how it taught his generation a lot about thinking longterm.  See the full interview below.  noncleared-maintext”> Icelandic Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson spoke at the Global Positivity Forum on Iceland championning the 2017 Positivity Index of Nations.  Benediktsson spoke of how Iceland had come from being the poorest country in Europe some 100 years ago to working towards utilising its natural resources on a sustainable level.

Special armed forces seek man in Reykjavik suburb

noncleared-maintext”>  The special armed forces unit of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police are now seeking a man who got into the rear seat of a car in Vesturberg in Breiðholt, a suburb of Reykjavik, this morning. Police are now searching for this man and are calling for witnesses. Although he was carrying a knife he was apparently not threatening to anyone.  Update at 13.30: Police have arrested the man they were searching for this morning in Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavik. The man told the driver, a man leaving for work, to drive him as criminals were after him.  The man was carrying a knife and left the car at a Select store in Breiðholt. It appears that he is under the influence of drugs. Police insist that the man didn’t threaten anyone except for the driver of the car whom he asked to drive him away from Breiðholt. 

Lana’s Icelandic hearthrob makes waves as new video is released

He has starred in ads for both Levi’s and Converse and taken part in music videos for Katy Perry and Havana Brown.  Egilsson’s appearance in the video has been mentioned in NME and Rolling Stone and Hollywood Life writes, “Staying true to the usual Lana production, there’s a car and a hot, long-haired love interest involved.”   noncleared-maintext”> Eðvarð Egilsson has shot to fame playing the musician boyfriend of Lana Del Rey in her new video to sultry song White Mustang.   As we reported earlier this week, Egilsson is a musician, actor and model, has lived in Los Angeles for the past eight years.

Least unemployment in Iceland of all OECD countries

noncleared-maintext”> According to new figures, unemployment in Iceland is 2%, which is the lowest figure for unemployment of all the OECD counries. In Denmark there is 5.7 % unemployment, in Norway unemployment is 4.3%, in Finland 8.8 % and in Sweden 7.1 percent.  Two countries have under 3% unemployment, the Czech Republic (2.9%) and Japan (2.8%).  There are 35 member countries to the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).  On average, unemployment in OECD countries was 5.8% in July.  When Iceland is compared to other Nordic nations, it turns out that unemployment in Iceland is considerably less.

This glacier bus is the biggest vehicle of its kind

It features eight wheels and is currently being tested on Langjökull glacier where it passes with flying colours.  It features comfortable leather seats inside for passenges with views to both sides of the vehicle and through the roof.  The vehicle cost around 70 million ISK to make and it can cross glacial crevasses measuring up to three metres.  noncleared-maintext”> Glacier bus Sleipnir, named after Odin’s eight-legged-horse in Norse mythology is the largest such truck in the world.

Fire on board plane at Keflavik International Airport

According to mbl.is sources there is a fire onboard. There are 147 passengers on the plane.  The highest possible emergency alert has been put up at the airport and firefighters have been sent from Reykjavik and neighbouring areas.    Update:  Two national coastguard helicopters were called out to approach the plane when it was South of Mýrdalsjökull. The plane landed safely at Keflavik International Airport just before 8 pm.  According to the latest information from Isavia the fire which originated in the lavatory was safely put out. noncleared-maintext”> A passenger plane from Wizz Air has just made an emergency landing at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland. Passengers left the plane in a normal manner  SAR teams are in alert position.  The plane was on its way to Poland from Iceland.

Fireball meteor shoots across Iceland’s night sky

— Andrei Menshenin ✈️ (@A_Menshenin) September 12, 2017  “The meteor was probably made of rock because as you can see it disintegrating before it disappears at an altitude of 20-30 km. “But it’s probably the most viewed one. From the light we can tall that it was a small rock, smaller than a football and probably even smaller than a tennisball but that’s a rough estimate.” Despite so many people seeing it last night, Stjörnufræðivefurinn reports that it’s far from the brightest shooting star to have been observed in Iceland. It’s nice to see how many people are starting to observe the night sky.” Today is a clear day in Reykjavik and Northern Lights are likely to be highly visible tonight.  A tourist writes that the Northern Lights display last night was overshadowed by the meteor. In the North, in Reykjavik and in South Iceland.  “As you can see the meteor passes rather slowly across the sky which means that it entered the atmosphere at less than 20 km per second, which is fairly low for meteors,” states the website.  Several witnesses reported about a meteor over #Reykjavik #Iceland less than hour ago. Photo by P. noncleared-maintext”> A strange light […]

Most inhabitants of Reykjavik have a positive attitude to tourists

A statement from Maskína says that eight out of every ten inhabitants feel that the increase in tourist numbers to the capital has a positive impact on the economy of the area and feel that their environment has improved. noncleared-maintext”> A new survey conducted by market research company Maskína shows that a great majority of Icelanders living in Reykjavik feel positive towards tourists, or nine out of every ten people.  The survey was conducted between April 12th to June 9th. “In the city centre, a third say that they feel their nearest environment has improved and a fourth say that it has gotten worse.”

A new planetarium for Reykjavik

The planetarium will form a part of the natural history exhibition which is now located within this iconic building.  Proposed cost for the planetarium is 310 million ISK.  The idea is to build a high-tech planetarium with a 360 degree experience and a powerful audiovisual system set to open in the autumn of 2018.  noncleared-maintext”> The City of Reykjavik have given permission for a building next to Perlan which will house a planetarium.